The Power of the Angular CLI.

The Convenience of an App.

Spend less time looking up command line arguments, and more time shipping incredible products.

Available as a desktop app

...or directly in VSCode

This is beta software. Your feedback will help improve the product. Please file any issues at

Built by Developers for Developers.

At Nrwl we set out to build a tool to make our own lives easier when developing applications powered by the Angular CLI, but we soon realized that Angular Console could be something that is useful for every Angular developer.

It has allowed us and our clients to ship code faster and ultimately provide more value to users with less effort than ever before!

Everything the CLI can do. And more.

The Angular CLI is immensely powerful and extensible. In fact, there are so many capabilities that it can often be hard to remember all of the different configuration options for every available command, or remember that certain features even exist!

Angular Console is, first and foremost, a more approachable way to work with what the Angular CLI already provides.

Trivial Code Generation

Leverage the CLI's built in generators for Components, Providers and more, all without having to remember a single command line flag.

Run Custom NPM Scripts

As well as the standard `ng` commands, we automatically detect all of your custom npm scripts and allow you to run them with a single click.

Discover and Install Extensions

Search through a comprehensive list of official and community schematics to extend the power of the Angular CLI even further, and install them directly in the UI.

Build CLI Commands Visually

Using our visual form-driven UI, you get all of the flags and arguments for your chosen command available inline.

Integrated Terminal Output

As you compose and execute your commands in a visual way, you will also see your changes reflected in the inline terminal output in real-time.

Import Existing Projects

Create new Angular CLI projects from scratch, or import existing ones. We'll even keep track of your recently opened projects so you can instantly access them again in future sessions.

A Gateway for Beginners. A Powertool for Experts.

Whether or not you are brand new to the Angular ecosystem or a seasoned pro, a command-line novice or a power-user, Angular Console will add a lot of value to your workflow.

Users of all levels will love that it allows you to build Angular applications from end to end, all without touching the command line, and even the most veteran Angular CLI users will love that they never have to look up CLI flag arguments ever again!